Friday, July 18, 2014

Pandikanda Monica Purusha - National Level Basket Player

  •  Full name: Pandikanda Monica Purushotham. 
  • Date of birth: 11-06-1997.
  • D/O :Purushotham P. B
  • Primary Education : St. Annes. Virajpet 
  • Middle Education : St. Annes. Virajpet 
  • Higher Education : St. Annes. Virajpet 
  • College: 11th, 12th-St. Annes. Virajpet
  • B. E in computer science- 2nd year - Coorg Institute of Technology. Ponnampet. 
  • Started playing at the age of 10years
  •  Village : Halugunda, S.Kodagu, Karnataka, India.

@ Pandikanda Family honours her after her first State level Representation.
  •  Represented National level in Handball and State level in Basketball tournaments.
  •   Year wise achievements:-
·         2008 - Secured 2nd place in State level Subjuniors Handball championship held at Shivamoga
·         2009- 1st place in State level Subjuniors Handball championship and State level Handball School games held at Chitradurga. 2nd place in National level Subjuniors Handball championshp held at Chennai .
·         2010- 3rd place in State level Womens Handball tournament at Davangere. Won in State level Handball rural tournament and Dasara tournament held at Mysore
·         2011-1st place in State level Handball school games at Belgum. 4th place in State level Womens Handball tournament at Hassan. 2nd place in State level Womens Basketball tournament at Haveri. 1st place in State level Rural Handball tournament at Ramanagar. Participated in Subjuniors Handball National championship at Chennai, National level rural Handball tournament at Maharastra and National level handball school tournament at Chattisgarh. 
Celebration after Victory

·         2012- Selected for National level Subjunoirs Handball championship held at Himanchal Pradesh.
·         2013- Won State level Handball College games and secured 4th place in National level Handball tournament at Himanchal Pradesh.
·         2014 – On May 1st Kodagu Heggade Samaja Honoured  her for her achievements.

  •  Apart from a very good sports person, Monica has scored more than 80% in all her exams and a very good dancer who performs on stage.

  • HOBBIES: listening to music,playing, reading books


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